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       jh_installeclipse - Installs eclipse features built by pde-build into package build


       jh_installeclipse [debhelperĀ options] [--install-name=name] [--pde-build-dir=dir]
       [featureĀ [...]]


       jh_installeclipse is a javahelper program that handles installing eclipse features built
       by pde-build into package build directories. These features can be specified either in the
       package's eh-install file or via command-line.

       jh_installeclipse uses debhelper behind the scenes and are therefore subject to the compat
       level (e.g. when parsing eh-install files).

       jh_installeclipse will replace all the embedded orbit depends imported by
       jh_generateorbitdeps with symlinks post install. The symlinked jar files will also be used
       to populate ${orbit:Depends} variable.


           List the eclipse features to install into each package and optionally under which
           name. The format is a set of lines, where each line lists a file or files to install,
           and at the end of the line tells the name it should be installed under. You may use
           wildcards in the names of the files to install.

           If name is not present, eh_install will either use the install name given on the
           command line or attempt to guess it from the package name. It is perfectly legal for
           two or more features to be installed under the same name.


           Specifies the name to install under if it is not given in the file. It is perfectly
           legal to install more than one feature under the same name.

           Specifies the directory from where pde-build was run. Defauls to


       Suppose your package builds org.eclipse.emf and org.eclipse.xsd and you want to put
       org.eclipse.emf into eclipse-emf and org.eclipse.xsd into eclipse-xsd.  Then make
       debian/ contain:


       and debian/ contain:


       jh_installeclipse will then install org.eclipse.emf into usr/share/eclipse/dropins/emf/
       and xsd into usr/share/eclipse/dropins/xsd/.

       In case your package is not called eclipse-name, or you want to install two different
       features into the same package, you will have to provide a name. Suppose you wanted to
       install both eclipse above into a single package called foo, then debian/
       should contain:

         org.eclipse.emf emf
         org.eclipse.xsf xsd



       This program is a part of javahelper and uses debhelper as backend. There are also
       tutorials in /usr/share/doc/javahelper.


       Niels Thykier <>


       Copyright 2010 by Niels Thykier

       This tool is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       GNU GPL 2.