Provided by: kcemu_0.5.1+dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       kc2img - convert KC files to raw KC tape images


       kc2img <infile> <outfile>


       kc2img  converts  the  following file types to raw KC tape images. Those files contain the
       data bytes as written by the KC tape routines with block number and checksum  removed.  So
       each block is saved as 128 bytes.

       Machine  code files start with an 128 byte header (one block) that contains filename, load
       start address, load end address and optionally a start address whose presence  is  flagged
       by a status byte. Basic files only have a 13 byte header with filename and filesize.

       1) files used by the KC emulator by Arne Fitzenreiter (usually named .TAP)

       2)  files  used  by the GEMINI-SOFT KC emulator (usually named .GPF for machine code files
       and .GBF for basic files)

       3) BASIC files (usually named .SSS)

       4) KC image files that contain the data written by the  KC  tape  routines  without  block
       number  and checksum (usually named .KCC or .KCB where the .KCB files are BASIC files with
       an autostart routine)


       Basic files are not handled properly.


       kcemu(1x), kctape(1), kc2tap(1), kc2wav(1), kc2raw(1)


       This manual page was  written  by  Torsten  Paul  <>,  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).