Provided by: lire_2.1-1.1_all bug


       lr_cron - run the perodical jobs configured in a DlfStore.


       lr_cron period store


       lr_cron is designed to be called in a crontab(5) entry.  period should be "hourly",
       "daily", "weekly", "monthly" or "yearly".  store should be the full path name of the DLF

       lire(1) should be used to configure periodical jobs in the store.

       To run jobs as scheduled by lire(1), you will need to setup cron jobs. For each schedule
       you use, you should configure a cron job to be executed according to that period.

       Here is a crontab(5) entry that will make sure that all possible schedules are supported
       in the /home/flacoste/myStore DLF store:

        05  *  *  *  * lr_run lr_cron hourly  /home/flacoste/myStore
        15 01  *  *  * lr_run lr_cron daily   /home/flacoste/myStore
        15 02  *  * 02 lr_run lr_cron weekly  /home/flacoste/myStore
        15 03 01  *  * lr_run lr_cron monthly /home/flacoste/myStore
        15 04 01  01 * lr_run lr_cron yearly  /home/flacoste/myStore





       Francis J. Lacoste <>


       $Id:,v 1.37 2006/07/23 13:16:32 vanbaal Exp $


       Copyright (C) 2004 Stichting LogReport Foundation

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       version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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