Provided by: devscripts_2.11.6ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       mergechanges - merge multiple changes files


       mergechanges [-f] file1 file2 [file...]


       mergechanges  merges two or more .changes files, merging the Architecture, Description and
       Files (and Checksums-*, if present) fields of the two.  There are checks  made  to  ensure
       that  the  changes  files  are  from  the same source package and version and use the same
       changes file Format.  The first changes file is used as the basis and the information from
       the later ones is merged into it.

       The  output  is  normally  written  to  stdout.   If the -f option is given, the output is
       written to package_version_multi.changes instead, in  the  same  directory  as  the  first
       changes file listed.


       Gergely  Nagy  <>,  modifications by Julian Gilbey <> and
       Adam D. Barratt <>.