Provided by: aqsis_1.6.0-8ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       miqser  -  RIB  processor  from  Aqsis  Renderer,  a 3D rendering solution adhering to the
       RenderMan(R) standard


       miqser [options] [RIB file...]


       -h, -help
              Print this help and exit

              Print version information and exit

       -pause Wait for a keypress on completion

       -o, -output=string
              Set the output filename, default to <stdout>

              Print the standard declarations to the resulting RIB

       -v, -verbose=integer
              Set log output level 0 = errors 1 = warnings (default) 2 = information 3 = debug

       -i, -indentation=integer
              Set output indentation type 0 = none (default) 1 = space 2 = tab

       -l, -indentlevel=integer
              Set the indetation amount

              Set output compression type 0 = none (default) 1 = gzip

       -b, -binary
              Output a binary encoded RIB file

       -nc, -nocolor
              Disable colored output

              Log messages to syslog

              Override the default archive searchpath(s)

       compiled Jun 23 2010 00:33:14