Provided by: ss-dev_2.0-1.42-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       mk_cmds - error table compiler


       mk_cmds file


       Mk_cmds  converts  a  table  listing  command  names and associated help messages into a C
       source file suitable for use with the ss(3) library.

       The source file name must end with a suffix of ``.ct''; the file consists of a declaration
       supplying the name of the command table:

       command_table name

       followed by entries of the form:

       [ request | unimplemented ] name, " string "[, abbrev]...;

       and a final


       to indicate the end of the table.

       A C source file is generated which should be compiled and linked with the object files use
       the ss library.

       A ``#'' in the source file is treated as a comment character, and all  remaining  text  to
       the end of the source line will be ignored.


       Since  the  original  mk_cmds uses a very simple parser based on yacc(1), and this current
       version of mk_cmds uses an awk/sed combination of scripts, its error recovery leaves  much
       to be desired.


       ss (3)