Provided by: dvdwizard_0.6.4-0ubuntu1_all bug


       mk_vmgm — automated creation of titleset menus of the DVD (VTSM)


       mk_vtsm [options] image-file(s)


       DVDwizard  is  a  wrapper-script  which  incorporates  a  fully  automated  creation  of a
       DVD-structure with chapters and menus from one or  more  mpeg-streams.  This  is  done  by
       several "sub-scripts" and various freely available tools.

       One  of  these  sub-scripts is mk_vtsm, which create one or more titleset menus (VTSM) for
       authoring a DVD with dvdauthor.


   General processing
       -C | --config-file filename
              filename of dvdwizard-configuration file [~/.dvdwizard/dvdwizard.conf]

       -o | --output directory
              Path where the created menu mpegs will be stored [BASEDIR/vtsm]

       -x | --xml filename
              Print dvdauthor XML-specs into this file [BASEDIR/dvdwizard.xml]

       -h | --help
              print this lot out

   DVD-specific options
       -N  | --tvnorm <norm>
              TV-Norm to use. Norm may be PAL or NTSC. [PAL]

       -V  | --tvsize WidexHeight
              Visible Area on TV-Screen. [660x530]

       -R  | --menuratio aspectratio
              Menue background aspect ratio. Aspectratio may be 4:3 or 16:9.  [4:3]

       -M  | --menu language
              Define language to use in menu items [en]. Strings are defined in config file.

   Title-specific options
       -t  | --vts number
              Titleset number on the DVD where the menus should belong to.  [1]

       -c  | --chaptersperrow number
              Define how many chapter thumbnails will fit in a row.   [3]

       -b  | --vtsmbg filename
              Filename of background picture for this titleset.

       -r | --bgratio <aspectratio>
              Define aspect ratio of menu background and thumbnails. Aspectratio may  be  4:3  or
              16:9. [4:3]

       -ms | --vtsmsound  filename
              Soundfile  to  be  used  as background sound for the menu. If empty, a silent audio
              track will be produced. Can be any format, ffmpeg recognizes and will be  converted
              to ac3, if necessary.

              Title  has multiple audio tracks. A button to jump to the audio selection menu will
              be created.

              Title has at least one Subtitle-Stream which  may  be  activated  in  a  subsequent

              Title  has  EPG-Information  available.  A button to jump to the info panel will be


       BASEDIR defaults to the current directory if not  stated  otherwise  in  the  config  file
       (either default ~/.dvdwizard/dvdwizard.conf or specified with the -C option).

       Every  new -t marks a new titleset on the DVD. Subsequent options -b, -r, -ms, --hasaudio,
       --hassubtitle and --hasinfo apply only to that titleset.

       For  more  information,  sources  and  executables  of  DVDwizard  see  at  the   homepage


       DVDwizard  was  written  by  Wolfgang  Wershofen  <itconsult at>.  Since 2009
       DVDwizard will be developed by Joo Martin <joomart2009 at>.

       This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the  GNU  General  Public  License  as  published  by the Free Software Foundation, either
       version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

       This package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY  WARRANTY;
       without  even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
       See the GNU General Public License for more details.


       dvdwizard(1), mk_vmgm(1), dvdwizard.conf(5)