Provided by: lirc_0.9.0-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       mode2, smode2, xmode2 - shows the pulse/space length of infrared signals


       mode2 [options]


       The  main  purpose of these programs is to check operation of your home-brew LIRC receiver
       hardware and to see the  IR  waveform  of  the  remote  controller  without  an  expensive
       oscilloscope.  Very  useful for debugging. Of course this program won't work with hardware
       that decodes the signals itself like e.g. TV cards or the Irman.

       mode2 will simply print pulse&space lengths to stdout.

       -h --help
              display usage summary

       -v --version
              display version

       -d --device=device
              read from given device

       -H --driver=driver
              use given driver

       -m --mode
              enable alternative display mode

       -r --raw
              access device directly


       mode2(1), smode2(1), xmode2(1)

       The documentation for lirc is maintained as html pages. They are located  under  html/  in
       the documentation directory.