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NAME - Gathers information on TV episodes

SYNOPSIS -n series_name -s season -e episode [-a]


       The  program  is  a  convenience program that I personally use to gather
       interesting information about  TV  series.   The  program  gathers  its  information  from,  hence  the name of the program.  Given the name of a series (such as Star
       Trek Enterprise), a season number and an episode  number,  this  program  will  create  an
       information file in the correct format for use with the movie-title program.

       The  movie-title  program  will then be able to display the episode's name in the menu and
       provide an information button which leads  to  the  generated  information  (such  as  the
       director, the guest stars list, the description of the particular episode, etcetera).

       The program writes its gathered information to standard output, so you should redirect the
       program's output into a file called (where episode_file.m2v is the  file
       that was generated by movie-to-dvd).


       The following options are available:

       -n series_name
              Specifies the name of the series.

       -s season
              Specifies which season number to look for (these normally start at one).

       -e episode
              Specifies which episode number to look for (these normally start at one).

       -a     Normally, the program gathers only basic information about the episode, such as its
              name, who plays it in, when it was  first  aired,  who  the  director  is  and  the
              synospis  or  description  of  the  episode.   Specifying  this option also gathers
              information that people have submitted about  this  episodes,  such  as  goofs  and


       The command line format that I use most often is:

     -n "csi miami" -s 3 -e 10 >


       videotrans(1),  movie-title(1),  movie-make-title(1),  movie-make-title-simple(1),  movie-
       compare-dvd(1), movie-to-dvd(1),


       The author is Sven  Berkvens-Matthijsse  (   Please  send  any  project
       related e-mail to


       None known. Please report any bugs to!