Provided by: anubis_4.1.1+dfsg1-3.1_amd64 bug


       msg2smtp ‐ a 'bridge' between MUA and GNU Anubis


       msg2smtp  -h  HOST  [-p  PORT] [-e HELO_DOMAIN] [-U USERNAME] [-P PASSWORD] [-m MECHANISM]


       This manual page documents briefly the msg2smtp command.

       msg2smtp is a program that takes a mail message on STDIN and relays it to an SMTP server.

       MUA (Mutt) ‐‐> ‐‐> Anubis ‐‐> remote or local MTA

       This can be used whenever you want to convert a mail message on STDIN and talk to an  SMTP
       server as output. Just like sendmail do.

       If you want to use this script with Mutt, add this to Mutt configuration file:

       set sendmail="/PATHTO/ -h localhost"

       If you run GNU Anubis on port 4000, you would put this line in your muttrc:

       set sendmail="/PATHTO/ -h localhost -p 4000"


       A summary of options is included below:

       -h HOST
              hostname of SMTP server, often 'localhost',

       -p PORT
              port of the SMTP server,

       -e HELO_DOMAIN
              domain we use when to say helo to smtp server,

       -U USERNAME
              ESMTP auth username,

       -P PASSWORD
              ESMTP auth password,

       -m MECHANISM
              ESMTP auth mechanism ‐ default is PLAIN,

       -d     shows SMTP conversation and perl debugging.


       anubis(1), sendmail(1), mutt(1).


       msg2smtp was written by Michael de Beer <>.

       This  manual  page  was  written  by Krzysztof Burghardt <>, for the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                           2007 Aug 26                                MSG2SMTP(1)