Provided by: nautilus-sendto_3.0.1-2ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       nautilus-sendto - convenience application to send a file via email or instant messenger


       nautilus-sendto [OPTIONS | FILES...]


       Send FILE(s) via email or instant messenger.

       A  dialog  window  presents  a choice of carrier application and recipient of the file(s).
       Recipent names can be selected from a list or autocompleted. The selected  application  is
       then opened with the file(s) and recipient ready for transfer.

       The  application  is  intented  to  integrate  with  nautilus and is written for the GNOME
       graphical desktop.


       -?, --help
              Show a help message listing all the options and their meanings.


       Written by Roberto Majadas <>

       This manual page was originally written by Oystein Gisnas for the Debian system.