Provided by: opendnssec-auditor_1.3.4-1ubuntu1_all bug


       ods-auditor - auditor component of OpenDNSSEC


       ods-auditor [options]


       ods-auditor  is  a  module  which  provides  auditing  capabilities  to

       Once an unsigned zone has been signed, this module  is  used  to  check
       that  the  signing process has run successfully. It checks that no data
       has been lost (or non-DNSSEC data  added),  and  that  all  the  DNSSEC
       records  are correct.  It used the OpenDNSSEC standard logging (defined
       in /etc/opendnssec/conf.xml).

       The Auditor takes the signed and unsigned zones and compares them.   It
       first  parses  both  files,  and creates transient files which are then
       sorted into canonical order. These files  are  then  processed  by  the
       Auditor.  If  processing  an NSEC3-signed file, the Auditor will create
       additional temporary files, which are processed after the main auditing

   Specific options:
       -c, --conf [PATH_TO_CONF_FILE]
              Path to OpenDNSSEC configuration file

              (defaults to /etc/opendnssec/conf.xml)

       -k, --kasp [PATH_TO_KASP_FILE]
              Path to KASP policy file

              (defaults to the path given in the configuration file)

       -z, --zone [ZONE_NAME]
              Single zone to audit

              (defaults to audit all zones)

       -s,--signed [PATH_TO_SIGNED_FILE]
              If a single zone is specified, then this option may override the
              specified signed file with another.  This  is  for  use  by  the

              (defaults to the path given in the zone list)

       -v, --version
              Display version information

   Common options:
       -h, -?, --help
              Show this message