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       ot2kpx - extract kerning information from an OpenType font


       ot2kpx font


       In many OpenType fonts, most kerning data is stored in the `GPOS' table rather than in the
       `kern' table. ot2kpx extracts the kerning data from both tables and prints it (in afm
       format) to "stdout".


       - ot2kpx prints data from all features named `kern', regardless of script and language.
         Maybe it would be better to let the user choose a script and language (defaulting to
         `latn' and `DFLT') and print only the kerning data from features associated with these

       - ot2kpx uses only the XAdvance data associated with the first glyph in any kerning pair;
         all other data in the ValueRecords is ignored. I'm not sure whether this is The Right
         Thing to Do; however, almost always there is no other data, so this approach gives
         correct results (in fact, the only font I know of that does contain data other than
         XAdvance is Linotype Palatino; this also contains XAdvDevice data, which is used
         (according to the OpenType specification) to `define subtle, device-dependent
         adjustments at specific font sizes or device resolutions'. Since there is no way to
         express such adjustments in afm format, ignoring them seems to be the only option.)


       afm2afm, autoinst, cmap2enc, font2afm, pfm2kpx.


       Marc Penninga <>


       2005-01-10  First version

       2005-02-18  Rewrote some of the code

       2005-03-08  Input files searched via kpsewhich (where available)

       2005-03-15  Input files searched using kpsewhich or findtexmf

       2005-03-21  Test if GPOS table is present before trying to read it

       2005-04-29  Improved the documentation

       2005-05-25  Changed warning that's given when the font contains no GPOS table, to an
                   informational message.

       2005-07-29  A few updates to the documentation