Provided by: vim-vimoutliner_0.3.4+pristine-9_all bug


       otl2pdb - converts vimoutliner outline to AddressDB Palm file.


       otl2pdb [filename]


       This manual page documents briefly the otl2pdb Perl script.

       otl2pdb  is  a  perl(1)  script  that  takes  an  outline from vimoutliner(1) with contact
       information and creates an AddressDB.pdb file for a Palm.

       For now this script can only create a .pdb file.  You then have to use a syncing  tool  to
       load it into your Palm.  I recommend the pilot-link package for linux.

       The format of the contact outline is the following:


       You can have as many categories and records(entries) as you want.  The following are valid
       fields for a record with the necessary text to indicate them in quotes:

           'h:'-home phone
           'w:'-work phone

       Also, each record's category is left as 'Unfiled' as I can't get the record's category  to
       write correctly.


       vim(1), perl(1)


       This program uses the Palm::Address perl module, which is available on CPAN.


       If using the pilot-link package:

           -load the pdb with 'pilot-xfer -i AddressDB.pdb'
           -specify the serial port if other than /dev/pilot (which will usually be the case
           unless  you  link  to  it) with -p in the above command; usually this is /dev/ttyS0 in


       The original version was written by Gabriel Walker <>.

       If you like using perl, linux, vim and databases to make your life easier (not  lazier  ;)
       check out my website at  ⟨⟩

       This  manual  page  was written by Matej Cepl <> (using perldoc(1) part of
       the documented script), for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                         January 13, 2005                              otl2pdb(1)