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       pdfopen, pdfclose - manual page for pdfopen 0.4: Acrobat Reader remote control


       pdfopen and pdfclose can be used to control a running instance of Acrobat Reader.

              pdfopen [--file <pdfname> ]

              pdfclose [--file <pdfname> ]

       Without  argument,  the pdfopen program sends a "Ctrl-<-" to an existing X window with the
       name Acrobat Reader, and "Alt-<-" to a window with the name AdobeReader, if  such  windows
       exist.  pdfclose sends a "Ctrl-w" instead.


       --file <pdfname>
              With this argument, pdfclose closes an existing window with the name <pdfname>, and
              pdfopen opens a window with the name <pdfname> (starting a reader if necesary),  or
              it reloads <pdfname> if it was already open.

              These  arguments,  accepted  by Fabrice Popineau's Windows originals of pdfopen and
              pdfclose, are silently ignored.


       pdfopen and pdfclose are written by Taco Hoekwater <>.  This  manpage  has
       been  written  by  Frank  K├╝ster  for  Debian/GNU  Linux  and may be used, modified and/or
       distributed freely by anyone.