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       perlbook - Books about and related to Perl


       There are many books on Perl and Perl-related. A few of these are good, some are OK, but
       many aren't worth your money. There is a list of these books, some with extensive reviews,
       at . We list some of the books here, and while listing a book
       implies our endorsement, don't think that not including a book means anything.

       Most of these books are available online through Safari Books Online ( ).

   The most popular books
       The major reference book on Perl, written by the creator of Perl, is Programming Perl:

       Programming Perl (the "Camel Book"):
                   by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant
                   ISBN 978-0-596-00027-1  [3rd edition July 2000]

       The Ram is a cookbook with hundreds of examples of using Perl to accomplish specific

       The Perl Cookbook (the "Ram Book"):
                   by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington,
                       with Foreword by Larry Wall
                   ISBN 978-0-596-00313-5 [2nd Edition August 2003]

       If you want to learn the basics of Perl, you might start with the Llama book, which
       assumes that you already know a little about programming:

       Learning Perl  (the "Llama Book")
                   by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, and brian d foy
                   ISBN 978-0-596-52011-3 [5th edition June 2008]

       The tutorial started in the Llama continues in the Alpaca, which introduces the
       intermediate features of references, data structures, object-oriented programming, and

       Intermediate Perl (the "Alpaca Book")
                   by Randal L. Schwartz and brian d foy, with Tom Phoenix
                           foreword by Damian Conway
                   ISBN 978-0-596-00478-1 [1st edition March 2006]

       You might want to keep these desktop references close by your keyboard:

       Perl 5 Pocket Reference
                   by Johan Vromans
                   ISBN 978-0-596-00374-6 [4th edition July 2002]

       Perl Debugger Pocket Reference
                   by Richard Foley
                   ISBN 978-0-596-00503-0 [1st edition January 2004]

       Regular Expression Pocket Reference
                   by Tony Stubblebine
                   ISBN 978-0-596-51427-3 [July 2007]

       Beginning Perl
                   by James Lee
                   ISBN 1-59059-391-X [3rd edition April 2010]

       Learning Perl
                   by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, and brian d foy
                   ISBN 978-0-596-52010-6 [5th edition June 2008]

       Intermediate Perl (the "Alpaca Book")
                   by Randal L. Schwartz and brian d foy, with Tom Phoenix
                           foreword by Damian Conway
                   ISBN 0-596-10206-2 [1st edition March 2006]

       Mastering Perl
                   by brian d foy
                   ISBN 978-0-596-10206-7 [1st edition July 2007]

       Effective Perl Programming
                   by Joseph N. Hall, Joshua A. McAdams, brian d foy
                   ISBN 0-321-49694-9 [2nd edition 2010]

       Writing Perl Modules for CPAN
                   by Sam Tregar
                   ISBN 1-59059-018-X [1st edition August 2002]

       The Perl Cookbook
                   by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington
                       with foreword by Larry Wall
                   ISBN 1-56592-243-3 [2nd edition August 2003]

       Automating System Administration with Perl
                   by David N. Blank-Edelman
                   ISBN 978-0-596-00639-6 [2nd edition May 2009]

       Real World SQL Server Administration with Perl
                   by Linchi Shea
                   ISBN 1-59059-097-X [1st edition July 2003]

   Special Topics
       Regular Expressions Cookbook
                   by Jan Goyvaerts and Steven Levithan
                   ISBN 978-0-596-52069-4 [May 2009]

       Programming the Perl DBI
                   by Tim Bunce and Alligator Descartes
                   ISBN 978-1-56592-699-8 [February 2000]

       Perl Best Practices
                   by Damian Conway
                   ISBN: 978-0-596-00173-5 [1st edition July 2005]

       Higher-Order Perl
                   by Mark-Jason Dominus
                   ISBN: 1-55860-701-3 [1st edition March 2005]

       Mastering Regular Expressions
                   by Jeffrey E. F. Friedl
                   ISBN 978-0-596-52812-6 [3rd edition August 2006]

       Network Programming with Perl
                   by Lincoln Stein
                   ISBN 0-201-61571-1 [1st edition 2001]

       Perl Template Toolkit
                   by Darren Chamberlain, Dave Cross, and Andy Wardley
                   ISBN 978-0-596-00476-7 [December 2003]

       Object Oriented Perl
                   by Damian Conway
                       with foreword by Randal L. Schwartz
                   ISBN 1-884777-79-1 [1st edition August 1999]

       Data Munging with Perl
                   by Dave Cross
                   ISBN 1-930110-00-6 [1st edition 2001]

       Mastering Perl/Tk
                   by Steve Lidie and Nancy Walsh
                   ISBN 978-1-56592-716-2 [1st edition January 2002]

       Extending and Embedding Perl
                   by Tim Jenness and Simon Cozens
                   ISBN 1-930110-82-0 [1st edition August 2002]

       Pro Perl Debugging
                   by Richard Foley with Andy Lester
                   ISBN 1-59059-454-1 [1st edition July 2005]

   Free (as in beer) books
       Some of these books are available as free downloads.

       Higher-Order Perl:

       Writing Perl Modules for CPAN:

   Other interesting, non-Perl books
       You might notice several familiar Perl concepts in this collection of ACM columns from Jon
       Bentley. The similarity to the title of the major Perl book (which came later) is not
       completely accidental:

       Programming Pearls
                   by Jon Bentley
                   ISBN 978-0-201-65788-3 [2 edition, October 1999]

       More Programming Pearls
                   by Jon Bentley
                   ISBN 0-201-11889-0 [January 1988]

   A note on freshness
       Each version of Perl comes with the documentation that was current at the time of release.
       This poses a problem for content such as book lists. There are probably very nice books
       published after this list was included in your Perl release, and you can check the latest
       released version at .

       Some of the books we've listed appear almost ancient in internet scale, but we've included
       those books because they still describe the current way of doing things. Not everything in
       Perl changes every day.  Many of the beginner-level books, too, go over basic features and
       techniques that are still valid today. In general though, we try to limit this list to
       books published in the past five years.

   Get your book listed
       If your Perl book isn't listed and you think it should be, let us know.