Provided by: xl2tpd_1.3.1+dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       pfc - active precompiled filters generator


       pfc <expression> >/etc/ppp/


       This manual page documents briefly the pfc command.

       pfc  is the Precompiled Filter Compiler - a tool to generate "active precompiled filters".
       If your pppd supports this feature, you can use this utility to generate the filter files.
       The  Active  Filter  allows  a  connect  on demand pppd to determine what is 'interesting'
       traffic, and then initiate the PPP session.  The tool allows you to create the filters, in
       libpcap  format,  for  use  by  pppd.  Common filters are used to ignore traffic (ie: ntp,
       various protocol keepalives, etc...) so  PPP  sessions  are  not  initiated  until  'real'
       traffic requires them.

       Note  that  the  generated compiled filter expression is specific to point-to-point links,
       and differs from the format generated by tcpdump -ddd.

       (specify precompiled-active-filter=/etc/ppp/ in the ppp options file)


       /usr/bin/pfc ntp and ldap > /etc/ppp/


       pfc is from the FLoppy Isdn 4 Linux project - see


       This manual page was written by Roberto C. Sanchez <>, for the  Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                         October 30, 2008                                  PFC(1)