Provided by: texlive-extra-utils_2009-10ubuntu1_all bug


       pkfix - replace pk fonts in postscript files with type1 versions


       pkfix [options] <> <>


       This  program  tries  to  replace  pk  fonts in <> by the type 1 versions. The
       result is written in <>.

       Options: (defaults in parenthesis)

       --help print usage

              suppress messages                            (false)

              verbose printing                             (false)

              debug informations                           (false)

              clear temp files                             (true)

              use TeX for generating the DVI file          (false)

       --tex texcmd
              tex command name (plain format)              (tex)

       --dvips dvipscmd
              dvips command name                           (dvips)

       --options opt
              dvips options                                (-Ppdf -G0)


       pkfix has been written by Heiko Oberdiek.  This manual page has been  written  by  Norbert
       Preining  for  the  Debian/GNU  Linux distribution and may be freely used, modified and/or
       distributed by anyone.