Provided by: pkgbinarymangler_116_all bug


       pkgstriptranslations  -  extract  translation  files  and  remove  gettext *.mo files from
       package build directories




       pkgstriptranslations extracts all gettext related files from the source and package  build
       directories  and  puts  them  into  <pkg-build-dir>/../package_version_arch_suffix.tar.gz.
       suffix is configurable in  /etc/pkgbinarymangler/striptranslations.conf  and  defaults  to

       Tarball layout:

              contains  all  pot  and  po  files  from  source  package, preserving the directory

       debname1/, debname2/, ...
              There will be one directory per generated binary deb package, each contains all .mo
              files from this deb, preserving directory structure.

       This  script  also  removes  all gettext *.mo files below <pkg-build-dir>/usr/share/locale
       from all built binary packages.  It will also remove  subdirectories  which  became  empty
       after  removal  of the gettext files. However, if a file /CurrentlyBuilding is present (as
       on the Ubuntu autobuilders), then the *.mo files are only deleted if the Component:  value
       in     this     file     matches     one     of     the     components    configured    in
       /etc/pkgbinarymangler/striptranslations.conf.  This allows to selectively strip files only
       for source packages which are in e. g.  main and restricted, but not in e. g.  universe.

       By  default,  pkgstriptranslations  is  inactive.  To  enable it, the enable option in the
       configuration file must be set to true.


              If this variable is set to a nonempty value, then pkgstriptranslations is disabled.
              This  is  most  useful  if  source packages build nested binary packages as part of
              their build.


       pkgstriptranslations is developed by Martin Pitt <>.