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       plasmaengineexplorer - Provides direct access to plasma data engines


       plasmaengineexplorer [--list] [--height pixels] [--width pixels] [-x pixels] [-y pixels]
                            [--engine data engine] [--source data engine] [--interval ms] [--app

       plasmaengineexplorer [KDE Generic Options] [Qt Generic Options]


       plasmaengineexplorer is a graphical tool allowing developers to test Plasma data engines
       without writing a Plasma applet.

       If no options are given, it will start without any data engine selected. The required data
       engine can be selected from a drop-down list.

       Only installed data engines will be found.  kbuildsycoca4 may need to be run for
       newly-installed data engines to be found.


       --list pixels
           Displays a list of known engines and their descriptions.

           Sets the height of the window, in pixels.

       --width pixels
           Sets the width of the window, in pixels.

       -x pixels
           Sets the x (horizontal) co-ordinate of the top left corner of the window, in pixels.

       -y pixels
           Sets the y (vertical) co-ordinate of the top left corner of the window, in pixels.

       --engine data engine
           Start plasmaengineexplorer with the given data engine selected.  data engine is the
           internal name of the data engine given by the X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name key of the desktop

       --source data engine
           Only valid in conjunction with --engine. Requests a specific source from the data
           engine when plasmaengineexplorer is started.

       --interval time
           Sets the default update interval for requested sources to time milliseconds. If not
           set, the source will update on demand (for some sources, this will be when new data is

           If --source is specified, this is the update interval that will be used when
           requesting that source.

       --app application
           Only show engines associated with the parent application; maps to the X-KDE-ParentApp
           entry in the DataEngine's .desktop file.


       More detailed user documentation is available from help:/plasma-desktop (either enter this
       URL into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/plasma-desktop).


       Load the time data engine, showing the local time and updating every second:

           plasmaengineexplorer --engine time --source Local --interval 1000


       plasmaengineexplorer was written by Aaron Seigo