Provided by: translate-toolkit_1.9.0-1ubuntu2_all bug


       po2tiki -  Convert .po files to TikiWiki's language.php files.


       po2tiki   [--version]   [-h|--help]   [--manpage]   [--progress   PROGRESS]  [--errorlevel
       ERRORLEVEL] [-i|--input] INPUT [-x|--exclude EXCLUDE] [-o|--output] OUTPUT


              show program's version number and exit

              show this help message and exit

              output a manpage based on the help

              show progress as: dots, none, bar, names, verbose

              show errorlevel as: none, message, exception, traceback

              read from INPUT in po, pot formats

              exclude names matching EXCLUDE from input paths

              write to OUTPUT in tiki format

                                     Translate Toolkit 1.9.0                           po2tiki(1)