Provided by: polygraph_4.3.2-1_amd64 bug


       polygraph-aka - IP aliases manipulation tool


       aka [--option ...] [interface_name] [alias] ...


       Aka is used to setup large number of aliases during Polygraph experiments with many robots
       and servers.

       The aliases option specifies what  alias  or  aliases  you  want  to  have  on  the  given
       interface.  Aka  recognizes IP addresses in PGL address format, including dotted IP range.
       Aka will try to guess the subnet or you can use an explicit subnet specification.

       The number of aliases you can set depends on your OS.  Moreover,  some  OSes  may  support
       large number of aliases (more than 1000) but with a significant performance penalty.

       Note that you can just put alias specs after all other options and the interface name (see
       aka's usage line).

       Aka will delete all old aliases before setting new ones. If you do  not  specify  the  new
       aliases, the old ones will still be deleted (handy for cleaning up after yourself).


       --help list of options

              package version info

       --if <str>
              interface name

       --aliases <str>
              ip(s) or ip range(s) to set as aliases


       Copyright © 2003-2006 The Measurement Factory, Inc.


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