Provided by: polygraph_4.3.2-1_amd64 bug


       polygraph-cdb - content database manipulation tool


       cdb [--option ...] [filename ...]


       Cdb  creates, updates, and displays content databases. If the database does not exist, the
       `add' operation will create it. You can add one or more  files  at  a  time.  By  default,
       contents  to be added is read from the standard input. Alternatively, you can specify file
       names. Cdb assumes that all input files are in HTML-like format. It is your responsibility
       to strip off any HTTP headers, if needed.


       --add <file>
              add file(s) contents to the database

       --dump <file>
              dump verbatim and linkonly objects from database, one object per file

       --show <file>
              print database contents to stdout

       --as <path>
              path for dumped object files, default './cdb${name}'

       --format <markup|linkonly|verbatim>
              split each file into markup tags, adjust links, or add as is, default markup

       --help list of options

              package version info


       Copyright © 2003-2006 The Measurement Factory, Inc.


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