Provided by: polygraph_4.3.2-1_amd64 bug


       polygraph-cmp-lx - log comparison tool

SYNOPSIS [--precision=percent] [--scope=important|all] <f1.lx> <f2.lx>


       Cmp-lx  compares  results  from two tests and prints stats that differ significantly. With
       important scope some stats are ignored. The following events are not important:


         *.min and *.max except for *.hist.min and *.hist.max

         *.mean if there is corresponding *.hist.mean

         rare events

       Histogram and errors are important.

       Rare events are events that happened in less than 0.1% of the cases where they could  have
       occurred.  Measurements related to such events are not important. Event rate is calculated
       using xact.started measurement as total count. List of events:

         basic offered hit miss cachable uncachable fill ims reload range
         head post put abort page ssl ftp 100_continue proxy_validations auth
         tunneled proxy_validation rep req


              difference threshold in percent, default: 10

              which stats to compare, default: important


       Copyright © 2003-2006 The Measurement Factory, Inc.


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