Provided by: netpbm_10.0-15_amd64 bug


       ppmquantall  -  run  ppmquant  on  a  bunch  of  files all at once, so they share a common


       ppmquantall [-ext extension] ncolors ppmfile ...


       Takes a bunch of portable pixmap as input.  Chooses ncolors colors to best  represent  all
       of  the  images,  maps the existing colors to the new ones, and overwrites the input files
       with the new quantized versions.

       If you don't want to overwrite your input files, use the -ext option.   The  output  files
       are  then  named  the  same  as  the input files, plus a period and the extension text you

       Verbose explanation: Let's say you've got a dozen pixmaps that you want to display on  the
       screen  all  at the same time.  Your screen can only display 256 different colors, but the
       pixmaps have a total of a thousand or so different colors.  For a single pixmap you  solve
       this  problem  with  ppmquant; this script solves it for multiple pixmaps.  All it does is
       concatenate them together into one big pixmap, run ppmquant on that, and then split it  up
       into little pixmaps again.

       (Note that another way to solve this problem is to pre-select a set of colors and then use
       ppmquant's -map option to separately quantize each pixmap to that set.)


       ppmquant(1), ppm(5)


       Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.

                                           27 July 1990                            ppmquantall(1)