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       ps2frag - obsolete shell script for the PSfrag system.


       The  new  PSfrag  system  no  longer  requires the ps2frag script; instead, it handles the
       processing entirely within TeX/LaTeX and DVIPS. I'm sure you will agree that never needing
       to run ps2frag again is a nice convenience!

       However,  there  are  two  significant  differences  in the way this new version of PSfrag
       works. Please make yourself aware of them:

       1) XDvi is no longer able to determine  where  your  PSfrag  replacements  should  go,  so
       instead  it lines them up in a vertical list to the left of the figure. This allows you to
       confirm that they have been typeset properly, at least. However, to  confirm  that  PSfrag
       positions your replacements properly, you will have to view the PostScript version of your
       file with a viewer  like  GhostView,  or  print  it  out.   This  seems  to  be  the  only
       disadvantage to the elimination of the pre-processing step.

       2)  If  you  embed  '\tex' commands inside your figures, you now need to explicitly _tell_
       PSfrag to process these commands. To do so, use  \usepackage[scanall]{psfrag}  instead  of
       \usepackage{psfrag} at the beginning of your LaTeX file.

       If  you only use '\tex' commands in a small number of figures, then a more efficient might
       be to turn on '\tex'-scanning only  for  those  figures.  To  do  that,  add  the  command
       '\psfragscanon' immediately before each relevant \includegraphics or \epsfbox command.


       See the PSfrag documentation for further information.


       dvips(1), gs(1), ghostview(1), latex(1)

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