Provided by: pyqt4-dev-tools_4.9.1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       pyrcc4 - compile Qt resource files for PyQt4 applications


       pyrcc4 [OPTION]... FILES


       pyrcc4  takes  a Qt Resource File (.qrc) and converts it into a Python module which can be
       imported into a PyQt4 application. All files loaded by Qt that are prefixed with  a  colon
       will be loaded from the resources rather than the file system.


       -help  Show a summary of the options.

              Display the version number of pyrcc4 of the version of Qt which PyQt4 was generated

       -o FILE
              Write the generated output to FILE instead of stdout.

       -name FUN
              Create an external initialization function named FUN.

       -threshold LEVEL
              Set the threshold above which files should be compressed.

       -compress LEVEL
              Set the compression level for all input files.

       -root PATH
              Search all resource referenced in a .qrc file under PATH.

              Do not compress the resource files at all.


       This  manual  page   was   written   for   Debian   GNU/Linux   by   and   Torsten   Marek
       <>, but may freely be used by others.