Provided by: radare-common_1.5.2-4_i386 bug


     rabin — Binary program info extractor


     rabin [-eoicsSlrvz] [-h] [-L library] [file]


     This program allows you to get information about ELF/PE/MZ and CLASS
     files in a simple way.

     -e          Show entrypoints for disk and on-memory

     -i          Show imports (symbols imported from libraries

     -I          Display general binary information

     -c          Show header checksum (if exist)

     -s          Show exported symbols

     -S          Show sections

     -o          Execute a specific Operation on the binary.
                  Use -o help for more information:
                   -o r/.text/1024   : resize section
                   -o d/s/10         : dump symbols
                   -o d/S/.text      : dump sections

     -l          List linked libraries to the binary

     -L library  Show the base address of a library loaded in memory

     -H          Display header information

     -r          Show output in radare commands

     -x          Find xrefs for symbols (-s, -i, -z required)

     -z          Show strings inside .data section (like gnu strings does)

     -v          Enable verbosity (use -vv or -vvv for more verbose levels)

     -h          Show usage help message.


     radiff(1), radare(1), radarerc(5), hasher(1), rfile(1), rsc(1), rasc(1),
     xc(1), bug(1), xrefs(1)


     pancake <>