Provided by: radare-common_1.5.2-4_amd64 bug


     radiff — Unified binary diffing utility


     radiff [-cbgeirp] [-f [from]] [-t [to]] [file.a] [file.b]


     radiff implements some binary diffing algorithms.

     -b          Use bytediff (byte-per-byte binary diffing between two target files), this is
                 the faster way to do it, but it will not handle byte insertion or offset

     -c          Show output in disassembly format with delta offset support.

     -d          Use the GNU diff as backend (slow, but really good output)

     -e          Use the erg0ts generic c++ implementation of bindiff.

     -n          Display only the number of differences found.

     -r          Display results as radare commands (used to generate binary patch files)

     -s          Use rsc symdiff to find differences at symbol level (support delta diffing)

     -S          Use rsc symbytediff to find differences at symbol level using a byte-per-byte
                 binary comparision algorithm.

     -p          Perform a diff between two RDB files (radare databases) these files can be
                 generated from radare using the code analysis commands, or from IDA using the
                 ida2rdb.idc script)

     -f -[from]  Define from address (start looking for differences at offset 'from'

     -t -[to]    Define end address (stop binary diffing at offset 'to'

     -h          Show usage help message.


     Check 'man rsc-bindiff'


     bindiff(1), hasher(1), radare(1), radarerc(5), rabin(1), rfile(1), xc(1), rsc(1),
     rsc-bindiff(1), rasc(1), rasm(1), xrefs(1)


     pancake <>