Provided by: radare-common_1.5.2-4_i386 bug


     rasc — Radare Shellcode helper utility


     rasc [-cCxXtLV] [-A N] [-C N] [-E N] [-N N] [-a addr@off] [-s hexpair]
          [-i name] [-S file] [-l port]


     rasc implements the most common practices to generate shellcodes with
     paddings with 0x41's ('A'), nops, breakpoints or enumerations (00 01 02
     03 ..).

     rasc can serve a syscall proxy at a specified port with -l [port]

     There's an hardcoded database of common used shellcodes that can be
     listed with -L. Use -i to specify which want you want to use.

     The output can be raw or in hexpairs (-x) or C array (-c).

     Use -X to inline execute the specified. (useful for testing)

     To specify the

     -A|-C|-E|-N count
                 Specify the number of 'A's, breakpoints, enumerations and
                 nops to be prefixed to the shellcode.

     -a addr@off
                 Set the return address at a specified offset inside the
                 resulting shellcode

     -s 'hexpair'
                 Set the shellcode in hexpair format. For example (-s '01 02

     -l port     Listen a syscall proxy server at a specified port.

     -L          List all hardcoded shellcodes

     -c          Show output in C array format

     -x          Show output in hexpairs format

     -X          Execute resulting shellcode

     -t          Performs some tests on the current platform

     -h          Show usage help message.


     Some shellcodes can be modified using the environment variables CMD, HOST
     and PORT. See -L for more information.


     radiff(1), hasher(1), radare(1), radarerc(5), rabin(1), rfile(1), xc(1),
     rsc(1), rasm(1), bug(1), xrefs(1)


     pancake <>