Provided by: sac_1.9b5-3_amd64 bug


       rawtmp - display wtmp entries in raw form.


       rawtmp [-da] [-w wtmp|-] [-X[3|4]d] [-s start] [-e end] [-b H:M:S] [--help] [--version]


       Rawtmp is a utility to dump the raw data in a wtmp or utmp file to the screen for viewing.
       It may be useful to anyone who wishes to divine the nature of the data stored in the  wtmp
       or  utmp  files.   It  may  also  be  useful  to extract special wtmp entries that are not
       documented anywhere (like those netdate puts in the wtmp file).

       If on a logout, when the username is encoded in the ut_user field by replacing  the  first
       character  of  the  username with a null, rawtmp will print the contents of the user field
       with a leading dot '.' to denote the  null  character.  Only  agetty  and  tacacs  control
       software are currently known to use this logging method.


       Rawtmp understands the following command line switches:

       --help Outputs a verbose usage listing.

              Displays the version of rawtmp.

       -w wtmp
              Select a different input file instead of the default (/var/log/wtmp).

       -X[3]  Read  a  wtmp  file maintained by versions 3.3 or 3.4 Tacacs terminal server access
              control software.

       -X4    Read a wtmp file maintained by version 4.0 of Tacacs terminal server access control

       -d     Output  the  time  in  MMM  DD HH:MM:SS format instead of raw time for a more human
              readable form (and to actually know what day you're looking at!).

       -a     Print the contents of the ut_addr field (in quad-dotted notation) instead of  using
              the  ut_host  field.   Note:  ut_addr  is  almost  never  used and more than likely
              contains garbage information.

       -b hours[:minutes[:seconds]]
              Consider   only   those   utmp   entries   that   fall   within   the   last    few
              hours/minutes/seconds from the current time, disregarding the rest.

       -s start
              Selects the starting date of the report, in mm/dd/yy format.

       -e end Selects the ending date of the report, in mm/dd/yy format.


       /var/log/wtmp        login database.


       Steve Baker (


       Could use some filtering options.


       last(1), sac(8)