Provided by: rdmacm-utils_1.0.14.1-2_i386 bug


       rdma_client - simple RDMA CM connection and ping-pong test.


       rdma_client [-s server_address] [-p server_port]


       Uses synchronous librdmam calls to establish an RDMA connection between
       two nodes.  This example is intended to provide a  very  simple  coding
       example of how to use RDMA.


       -s server_address
              Specifies  the  address  of  the  system that the rdma_server is
              running on.  By default, the client will attempt to  connect  to
              the server using

       -p server_port
              Specifies  the  port  number  that  the  server  listens on.  By
              default the server listens on port 7471.


       Basic usage is to start rdma_server, then connect to the  server  using
       the rdma_client program.

       Because  this  test maps RDMA resources to userspace, users must ensure
       that they have available system resources  and  permissions.   See  the
       libibverbs README file for additional details.


       rdma_cm(7), udaddy(1), mckey(1), rping(1), rdma_server(1)