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       rst2odt_prepstyles — strip paper size specifications off of rst2odt stylesheets


       rst2odt_prepstyles FILE


       rst2odt(1)  uses  a stylesheet file as a template for the ODT files it creates.  The stock
       styles.odt file shipped with it comes without page dimensions.  When rst2odt  is  run  and
       detects  that  there  no  paper  size  is  given  in  the  stylesheet, it is automatically
       determined using paperconf(1).

       When editing stylesheets with Writer (or similar programs),  the  resulting
       files  always carry a page size.  rst2odt respects this setting and ensures that documents
       processed with custom stylesheets look the same regardless of the host it is  running  on.
       If  you want to get the original behavior, i.e. a system-dependent paper size, you can run
       rst2odt_prepstyles over your custom stylesheet.  Remember to re-run the  command  whenever
       you change the file with a word processor.


       odtwriter is Copyright © 2006-2008 Dave Kuhlman <>

       This  manual  page was written by Michael Schutte for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may
       be used by others).