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       sip - generates C++/Python bindings


       sip  [-h]  [-V] [-a file] [-c dir] [-d file] [-e] [-g] [-I dir] [-j #] [-k] [-m file] [-o]
       [-p module] [-P] [-r] [-s suffix] [-t tag] [-w] [-x feature] [-z file] [file]


       sip takes a set of specification files and generates C++  code,  documentation  and  build

       The format of the needed specification file is similar to a C++ header.  sip includes run-
       time support for the generated code.


       -h     Show summary of options.

       -V     Display the sip version number

       -a file
              The name of the QScintilla API file. If not indicated, it will not be generated.

       -b file
              The name of the build file. If not indicated, it will not be generated.

       -c dir The name of the directory  where  generated  source  file  will  be  put.   If  not
              indicated, no code will be generated.

       -d file
              The  name  of  the  documentation  file. If not indicated, no documentation will be

       -e     Enable support for exceptions. Disabled by default.

       -g     Always release and reaquire the GIL.

       -I dir Directory where sip can search for included files.

       -j number
              Splits the generated code in number files (1 by default). This flag was  added  for
              parallel compilation on SMP machines.

       -m file
              The name of the XML export file. If not indicated, the file will not be generated.

       -p module
              Give the name of the consolidated module this module should be a part of.

       -P     Enable the protected/public hack.

       -r     Enable tracing on generated code.

       -s suffix
              The suffix used for generated C or C++ files (".c" or ".cpp" if none specified)

       -t tag The  primary  version  to tag generate code for. You only can specify those defined
              with a %Timeline directive. If you don't specify one, sip will generate the  latest

       -w     Enable warning messages

       -x feature
              Disable a feature

       -z file
              The name of a file containing additional command line flags

       file   The  name of the file containing the specification. If you skip it, sip will expect
              to be fed by stdin.


       This manual page was written by Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina <>  and
       Torsten  Marek  <>,  for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by

                                            2010/02/02                                     SIP(1)