Provided by: exult-studio_1.2-15.2_amd64 bug


       splitshp - Split Shape into frames or combine frames into Shapes


       splitshp SHAPE FRAME...

       splitshp SHAPE


       Shape  files  are  used  for  storage  of all visible elements (from UI buttons to terrain
       features) of the games Exult supports. Shapes contain one or more frames.  splitshp can be
       used to combine frames into one file, or split a Shape file into its component frames.

       The  mode  of  operation  is determined by looking at the number of commandline arguments.
       Exactly one  argument  means  splitting,  more  than  one  argument  signals  a  combining

       Each  FRAME  names  a  Shape file typically consisting of only one frame (i.e.  subsequent
       frames are ignored). All these frames are concatenated  and  written  to  the  Shape  file

       SHAPE  will  be read and split into its component frames. Each of those will be written to
       its own Shape file. The names of these files are determined by splitting the name of SHAPE
       before  the  last dot — anything before this dot is the STEM, anything else (including the
       dot) is the PREFIX, which may be empty in case there is no dot in  the  name.  The  output
       files are then named STEM_nnSUFFIX with nn replaced by the frame number.


       splitshp button.shp button-up.shp button-down.shp
              Packs  the (first) two frames from button-up.shp and button-down.shp into the Shape
              file button.shp

       splitshp grizzly
              Unpacks the frames contained in the Shape  file  grizzly  into  the  (single-frame)
              Shape files grizzly_00, grizzly_01, grizzly_02, etc.

              Unpacks the frames contained in the Shape file into the (single-frame)
              Shape files boar.new_00.shp, boar.new_01.shp, boar.new_02.shp, etc.


       This manpage was written by Robert Bihlmeyer. It may be freely redistributed and  modified
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or higher.


       exult(6), shp2pcx(1)