Provided by: transcode_1.1.5-0ubuntu10_amd64 bug


       tcextract  - read multimedia file from medium, extract or demultiplex requested stream and
       print to standard output


              -i name [ -x codec ] [ -t magic ] [ -a track ] [ -C s-e ] [ -d verbosity ] [ -v ]


       tcextract is Copyright (C) by Thomas Oestreich.


       tcextract is part of and usually called by transcode.
       However, it can also be used independently.
       tcextract reads source (from stdin if not explicitely defined) and prints on the  standard


       -i name
              Specify  input source.  If ommited, stdin is assumed.  tcextract reads streams from
              file or from stdin.

       -C s-e extract and print out only this frame interval (video) or bytes (audio) [all]. This
              option  is  only  supported  if the source contains proper information to perform a
              selective extraction.

       -t magic
              source file magic. This option is used  to  identify  the  source  file  format  if
              reading  is  performed  from  stdin  or tcextract fails to identify the source file
              format. Supported formats are labeled with magic:

              avi       RIFF AVI-file

              vob       MPEG program streams

              m2v       MPEG elementary video stream

              vdr       MPEG digital video recording

              raw       raw bitstream

              wav       RIFF WAVE audio

              yuv4mpeg  mjpeg-tools stream header format

       -x codec
              source pdeudo-codec, if not detected when reading from stdin. Currently,  supported
              parameter for codec are

              mp3       MPEG audio

              ac3       AC3 audio

              a52       A52 audio

              dv        Digital Video DV

              mpeg2          MPEG video

              yv12      Y'CbCr YUV

              rgb       RGB 24-bit

              ps1       MPEG private stream (subtitles)

              pcm       raw audio stream

       -a track
              extract selected audio or video track from source.

       -d level
              With  this option you can specify a bitmask to enable different levels of verbosity
              (if supported).  You can combine several levels by adding the corresponding values:

              QUIET         0

              INFO          1

              DEBUG         2

              STATS         4

              WATCH         8

              FLIST        16

              VIDCORE      32

              SYNC         64

              COUNTER     128

              PRIVATE     256

       -v     Print version information and exit.


       tcextract is a front end for extracting various raw or encoded audio/video tracks  from  a
       source and is used in transcode's import pipeline.


       The command tcextract -i foo.avi -x mp3 -a 3 extracts MPEG audio track 3 from the AVI-file
       foo.avi and prints the bitstream to stdout.


       tcextract was written by Thomas Oestreich
       <> with  contributions  from  many  others.   See
       AUTHORS for details.


       avifix(1),   avisync(1),   avimerge(1),   avisplit(1),  tcprobe(1),  tcscan(1),  tccat(1),
       tcdemux(1), tcextract(1), tcdecode(1), transcode(1)