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       thumbnail - create a TIFF file with thumbnail images


       thumbnail [ options ] input.tif output.tif


       thumbnail  is  a  program written to show how one might use the SubIFD tag (#330) to store
       thumbnail images.  thumbnail copies a TIFF Class F facsimile file to the output  file  and
       for  each  image  an  8-bit  greyscale  thumbnail  sketch.   The  output file contains the
       thumbnail image with the associated full-resolution page linked below with the SubIFD tag.

       By default, thumbnail images  are  216  pixels  wide  by  274  pixels  high.   Pixels  are
       calculated  by sampling and filtering the input image with each pixel value passed through
       a contrast curve.


       -w     Specify the width of thumbnail images in pixels.

       -h     Specify the height of thumbnail images in pixels.

       -c     Specify a contrast curve to apply in generating the thumbnail images.   By  default
              pixels values are passed through a linear contrast curve that simply maps the pixel
              value ranges.  Alternative curves are: exp50 for a 50% exponential curve, exp60 for
              a  60%  exponential  curve,  exp70  for  a  70%  exponential curve, exp80 for a 80%
              exponential curve, exp90 for a 90% exponential curve, exp for  a  pure  exponential
              curve, linear for a linear curve.


       There are no options to control the format of the saved thumbnail images.


       tiffdump(1), tiffgt(1), tiffinfo(1), libtiff(3)

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