Provided by: tnat64_0.05-1_amd64 bug


       tnat64 - Shell wrapper to simplify the use of the tnat64(8) library to transparently allow
       an application to  connect  to  IPv4  hosts  via  NAT64  on  IPv6-only  systems  when  the
       application doesn't support IPv6 itself.


       tnat64 [application [application's arguments]]
       or tnat64 [on|off]
       or tnat64


       tnat64  is a wrapper between the tnat64 library and the application what you would like to
       run through NAT64.


       [application [application's arguments]]
              run the application as specified with the environment (LD_PRELOAD)  set  such  that
              tnat64(8) will transparently forward all connections to the NAT64 via IPv6

              this  option  adds  or  removes tnat64(8) from the LD_PRELOAD environment variable.
              When tnat64(8) is in this variable  all  executed  applications  are  automatically
              NAT64-ed.  If  you  want  to use this function, you HAVE to source the shell script
              from yours, like this: "source /usr/bin/tnat64" or ". /usr/bin/tnat64"
              ". tnat64 on" -- add the tnat64 lib to LD_PRELOAD
              ". tnat64 off" -- remove the tnat64 lib from LD_PRELOAD

              show the current value of the LD_PRELOAD variable

       <without any argument>
              create a new shell with LD_PRELOAD including tnat64(8).


       This script was created by Tamas SZERB <> for the Debian package of  tsocks.
       It  (along with this manual page) have since been adapted into the main tsocks project and
       modified, and then modified to be used with tnat64.