Provided by: xmltv-gui_0.5.61-1_all bug


       tv_check - Check TV guide listings


       tv_check --configure|--scan [other options]


       tv_check is a Perl script that reads in a file with show information and checks it against
       a TV guide listing, reporting on upcoming episodes and alerting you to unexpected episodes
       or schedule changes.


       --configure Run configuration GUI.  Either this option or --scan must be provided.

       --season-reset special --configure option to remove everything but the title to help new
       season setup.  The idea is to keep everything a "title-only" search until seasons begin.
       Then you update the details including record device. *expirimental*

       --scan Scan TV listings.  Either this option or --configure must be provided.

       --myreplaytv=UNIT,USERNAME,PASSWORD ** Feature removed ** This option used to auto-
       populate a config file based on

       --shows=FILE Specify the name of XML shows file (default: shows.xml).

       --guide=FILE, --listings=FILE Specify the name of XML guide file (default: guide.xml).

       --html Generate output in HTML format.

       --bluenew Highlights new episodes in blue (helpful back when there was an off-season)

       --output=FILE Write to FILE rather than standard output

       --help Provide a usage/help listing.




       Robert Eden; manpage by Kenneth J. Pronovici.