Provided by: xmltv-util_0.5.61-1_all bug


       tv_grab_ch_search - Grab TV listings for Switzerland (from webpage).


       tv_grab_ch_search --help

       tv_grab_ch_search [--config-file FILE] --configure [--gui OPTION]

       tv_grab_ch_search [--config-file FILE] [--output FILE] [--quiet]
                  [--days N] [--offset N]

       tv_grab_ch_search --list-channels

       tv_grab_ch_search --capabilities

       tv_grab_ch_search --version


       Output TV listings for several channels available in Switzerland and (partly) central
       Europe.  The data comes from The grabber relies on parsing HTML so it might
       stop working at any time.

       First run tv_grab_ch_search --configure to choose, which channels you want to download.
       Then running tv_grab_ch_search with no arguments will output listings in XML format to
       standard output.

       --configure Ask for each available channel whether to download and write the configuration

       --config-file FILE Set the name of the configuration file, the default is
       ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_ch_search.conf.  This is the file written by --configure and read when

       --gui OPTION Use this option to enable a graphical interface to be used.  OPTION may be
       'Tk', or left blank for the best available choice.  Additional allowed values of OPTION
       are 'Term' for normal terminal output (default) and 'TermNoProgressBar' to disable the use
       of Term::ProgressBar.

       --output FILE Write to FILE rather than standard output.

       --days N Grab N days.  The default is fourteen.

       --offset N Start N days in the future.  The default is to start from now on (= zero).

       --quiet Suppress the progress messages normally written to standard error.

       --list-channels Write output giving <channel> elements for every channel available
       (ignoring the config file), but no programmes.

       --capabilities Show which capabilities the grabber supports. For more information, see

       --version Show the version of the grabber.

       --help print a help message and exit.




       Daniel Bittel <>. Inspired by tv_grab_ch by Stefan Siegl.


       If you happen to find a bug, you're requested to send a mail to me at or to
       one of the XMLTV mailing lists, see webpages at