Provided by: xmltv-util_0.5.61-1_all bug


       tv_grab_fi_sv - Grab TV listings for Finland in Swedish.


       tv_grab_fi_sv --help

       tv_grab_fi_sv --version

       tv_grab_fi_sv --capabilities

       tv_grab_fi_sv --description

       tv_grab_fi_sv [--config-file FILE]
                     [--days N] [--offset N]
                     [--output FILE] [--quiet] [--debug]

       tv_grab_fi_sv --configure [--config-file FILE]

       tv_grab_fi_sv --configure-api [--stage NAME]
                     [--config-file FILE] [--output FILE]

       tv_grab_fi_sv --list-channels [--config-file FILE]
                     [--output FILE] [--quiet] [--debug]


       Retrieves and displays TV listings for the Finnish YLE channels plus some of the most
       popular commercial channels. The data comes from and the Swedish listings are
       retrieved rather than the Finnish. Just like tv_grab_fi, this grabber relies on parsing
       HTML so it could very well stop working at any time. You have been warned.


       --help Print a help message and exit.

       --version Show the versions of the XMLTV libraries, the grabber and of key modules used
       for processing listings.

       --capabilities Show which capabilities the grabber supports. For more information, see

       --description Show a brief description of the grabber.

       --config-file FILE Specify the name of the configuration file to use.  If not specified, a
       default of ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_fi_sv.conf is used.  This is the file written by --configure
       and read when grabbing.

       --output FILE When grabbing, write output to FILE rather than to standard output.

       --days N When grabbing, grab N days of data instead of all available.  Supported values
       are 1-14.

       --offset N Start grabbing at today + N days. Supported values are 0-13.




       Per Lundberg, (perlun at gmail dot com). Inspired/based on other grabbers, like
       tv_grab_uk_rt, tv_grab_se_swedb and tv_grab_fi.