Provided by: type-handling_0.2.23build1_amd64 bug


       type-handling - dpkg architecture generation script


       type-handling [-n|--negated] [-r|--reverted] cpu... system...


       The  main  purpose  of  this  utility  is  using  it in combination with sed to generate a
       debian/control file with architecture lists that dpkg can understand.  cpu  is  a  CPU  as
       recognized  by dpkg-architecture.  A list of CPUs must be comma-separated.  The string any
       is a wildcard and will be translated to a list of all recognised CPUs. system is the  same
       for systems recognised by dpkg-architecture.

       type-handling  will  print  every dpkg architecture that matches both one of the specified
       CPUs and one of the specified systems.


       -n     type-handling will instead print architectures that do not match.

       -r     type-handling will print a reverted equivalent of the same string by prefixing with
              !.    This   option   has   no   practical   effect   and   is  only  intended  for
              aesthetical/readability purposes.  Note that in  some  situations,  the  !  negated
              string cannot be parsed by dpkg (e.g., in Architecture fields), so use with care.


       $ type-handling i386,powerpc,x86_64 linux-gnu
       i386 powerpc amd64

       $ type-handling any linux-gnu
       alpha arm hppa [...] sparc64 amd64

       $ type-handling i386 any
       darwin-i386 freebsd-i386 hurd-i386 kfreebsd-i386 knetbsd-i386 i386 netbsd-i386 openbsd-i386