Provided by: exult-studio_1.2-15.2_amd64 bug


       ucxt - Ultima 7/8 usecode disassembler.


       ucxt [OPTIONS] -a
              prints all the functions

       ucxt [OPTIONS] <hex_function_number>
              disassembles a single function to stdout


       Games  supported  by Exult (Ultima 7, for example) consist in large part of usecode. Exult
       basically implements a virtual machine the machine language of which is usecode.

       The ucxt command allows you to disassemble usecode.


       Misc Flags (any/all of these):

       -nc    don't look for exult's .xml config file

       -v     turns on verbose output mode

       -ofile output to the specified file

       -ifile load the usecode file specified by the filename

       -ro    output the raw opcodes in addition to the -f format

       -ac    output automatically generated comments

       -uc    output automatically generated 'useless' comments

       -b     only do 'basic' optimisations

       -dbg   output debugging information if present in usecode

       -ext32 convert function to ext32 format if not already

       Game Specifier Flags (only one of these):

       -bg    select the black gate usecode file

       -si    select the serpent isle usecode file

       -u8    select the ultima 8/pagan usecode file (experimental)

       Output Format Flags (only one of these):

       -fl    output using brief "list" format

       -fa    output using "assembler" format (default)

       -fs    output using "exult script" format

       -fz    output using "exult script" format

       -ftt   output using the translation table xml format

       -ff    outputs all flags referenced in the usecode file sorted both  by  "flags  within  a
              function" and "functions using flag"



                                           August 2006                                    ucxt(1)