Provided by: ucspi-unix_0.36-4_amd64 bug


       unixserver - UNIX domain socket server


       unixserver [options] socket program


       Unixserver  is   UNIX  domain  socket server that conform to UCSPI, the UNIX Client-Server
       Program Interface.


       -q     Quiet. Do not print any messages.

       -Q     (default) Print error messages.

       -v     Verbose.  Print error and status messages.

       -d     Do not delete the socket file on exit.

       -D     (default) Delete the socket file on exit.

       -u UID Change user id to UID after creating socket.

       -g GID Change group id to GID after creating socket.

       -U     Same as '-u $UID -g $GID'.

       -o UID Make the socket owned by UID.

       -r GID Make the socket group owned by GID.

       -O     Same as '-o $SOCKET_UID -r $SOCKET_GID'.

       -p PERM
              Set the permissions on the created socket (in octal).  Note: this option,  if  set,
              overrides the mask below.  (defaults to 0666 minus umask)

       -m MASK
              Set  umask  to  MASK  (in  octal) before creating socket.  (defaults to 0, previous
              value is restored afterwards)

       -c N   Do not handle more than N simultaneous connections.  (default 10)

       -b N   Allow a backlog of N connections.

       -B BANNER
              Write BANNER to the client immediately after connecting.


       unixclient(1), unixcat(1)


       ucspi-unix package was written by Bruce Guenter <>

       This manual page was originally written by  Tomas  Kuliavas  <>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system, but may be used elsewhere under the GPL.