Provided by: unrtf_0.19.3-1.1_amd64 bug


       UnRTF - converts document in RTF format to other formats


       unrtf [options] [file...]

       Options:   [--nopict]   [--html]   [--text]  [--vt]  [--latex]  [--ps]  [--wpml]  [--help]


       The program unrtf is a converter from Rich Text  Format  (RTF)  to  a  growing  number  of
       document  formats.  At  present  it supports Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), plain text,
       text with VT100 codes, LaTeX, and PostScript.  All output formats except HTML are  "alpha"
       i.e.  limited  and  development  has  just begun.  However with HTML, the program supports
       tables, fonts, embedded images, hyperlinks, and paragraph alignment. Font support includes
       face  and  size  changes, as well as typical attributes such as italic, bold, underlining,
       strikethrough, smallcaps, allcaps, expand, compress and  both  foreground  and  background
       colors.   Images are always stored to separate files in the current directory, or they can
       be ignored.


              disables the automatic storing of embedded pictures to the current directory.

       --html selects HTML output (default).

       --text selects plain ASCII text output.

       --vt   selects text output with VT100 escape codes.

              selects output of a LaTeX document.

       --ps   selects PostScript output.

       --wpml selects WPML output.

              prints the program version.



       Report bugs in the program to

                                                                          UNRTF(GNU UnRTF 0.19.2)