Provided by: upnp-inspector_0.2.2+dfsg-3_all bug


       upnp-inspector - Is a UPnP device and service analyzer.


       The  Inspector  is an UPnP Device and Service analyzer, and a debugging tool, based on the
       Coherence DLNA/UPnP framework.  Modeled loosely after the Intel UPnP Device Spy and Device

       The  Inspector is a GUI to discover and explorer of UPnP devices on your network. Detected
       devices are displayed in a tree-view, where, amongst other things, actions can  be  called
       and state-variables be queried.

       The  Inspector will host the tests from our UPnP test-suite, to provide a central place to
       verify device implementations and hunt down any UPnP anomalies.


       There are no command line options for upnp-inspector.


       upnp-inspector was written by Frank Scholz <>.

       This man page was created by Charlie Smotherman <> for Frank Scholz  and
       the Debian Project.