Provided by: usbprog_0.2.0-2_amd64 bug


       usbprog - Programmer for the USBprog hardware


       usbprog [options] [commands]


       USBprog has two modes: An interactive mode and a batch mode. Both mode use exactly the
       same commands. As every command takes a fixed number of arguments, no separator is
       necessary between commands -- just specify as much commands as you would like to execute.

       The help command gives a list of all commands, ? command can be used to get help for a
       specific command. Example:

         (usbprog) help
         (usbprog) ? upload


       Following options can be specified, both for the interactive and the batch mode:

       -h | --help
              Prints a short help.

       -v | --version
              Prints the version number to standard output.

       -d | --datadir datadir
              Uses datadir instead of ~/.usbprog.

       -o | --offline
              Don't try to connect to the internet. Use the cached firmware and index file(s)

       -D | --debug
              Enable debugging output.


       This section describes all commands. As mentioned above, the syntax is the same for
       interactive and batch usage.

       help   This just prints an overview about every command, i.e. the command name and an one-
              sentence description.

       helpcmd | ? command
              Print a detailed description for command.

       exit | quit
              Quit the program. On Unix, you can also send an EOF by pressing Ctrl-d on your

       copying | license
              Prints a short license (GPL) text and the version number of the program.

       list | firmwares
              Prints a list of available firmwares. A [*] shows that the firmware is available in
              the offline cache.

       download firmware
              Downloads the specified firmware. Use the same string as you retrieved from the
              firmwares command described above. This command doesn't work in offline mode.

       info firmware
              Shows some basic information about firmware like what it does, the latest version
              number, the author and the USB ID which the USBprog device has after this firmware
              has been uploaded. See also the pins command.

       pins firmware
              This shows the PIN assignment of firmware and the meaning of the LED and jumpers.
              See also the info command for basic information about the firmware.

       cache clean | delete
              clean deletes all old firmware versions from the firmware cache, i.e. if the latest
              version of a firmware is 5, then it deletes the versions 0 to 4 if they are still
              on disk. The delete command deletes the whole firmware cache. Only the index and
              history file are in the cache directory after executing this command.

              Shows a list of connected USB devices related to USBprog. The currently used update
              device an be set with device and is also marked in the output.

       device number | name
              Sets the update device for the upload command. You have to use the integer number
              or the device name you retrieved from the devices command.

       upload firmware | file
              Uploads a new firmware. The firmware identifier can be found with the list command.
              Alternatively, you can also specify a file name on the disk.  The extension doesn't


              Index file, downloaded from

              The saved readline(1) history.

              The rest in that directory are firmware files. The naming scheme is name.version.


       The USBprog program and documentation has been written by Bernhard Walle