Provided by: vamps_0.99.2-4_amd64 bug


       vamps - Tool to recompress and modify the structure of a DVD


       vamps  [--evaporate|-e factor] [--ps-evaporate|-E factor] [--audio|-a a-streama-stream...]
       [--subpictures|-s  s-stream,s-stream,...]   [--verbose|-v]  [--inject|-i  injections-file]
       [--preserve|-p] [--ps-size|-S input-bytes] <input>output ...


       Vamps was written to make cheap backups of DVDs under Linux.

       Vamps builds a wrapper around the requantizer to extract the elementary MPEG2 video stream
       from the DVD's program stream, feed it through the requantizer and finally re-pack it into
       the  program stream again. Besides this, Vamps allows to select audio and subtitle streams
       that should be copied into the output stream. This gives another small gain of disk space,
       since unwanted streams may be discarded.

       Vamps  is  only a very basic, but nevertheless essential tool to transcode DVD videos to a
       smaller size.  Vamps does not need to  write  temporary  data  files,  which  is  a  major
       advantage.   Vamps  is very fast. The downside is, that Vamps is not capable of making DVD
       backups on its own.


       For options that require an argument, each duplication will override the previous argument

       --evaporate, -e factor
              factor  by  which the embedded elementary video stream will approximately be shrunk

       --ps-evaporate, -E factor
              factor by which the whole program stream will approximately be  shrunk  (>=1.0)  -e
              and -E are mutually exclusive.

       --audio, -a a-streama-stream...
              select audio streams to keep. First stream is 1.

       --subpictures, -s s-streams-stream...
              select subtitle streams to keep. First stream is 1.

       --verbose, -v
              Increase verbosity level by one.

       --inject, -i injections-file
              Load  internal  variable  settings  from  file to seamlessly continue previous run.
              Write internal variables to file at program termination.  If file does  not  exist,
              it is created. Useful to shrink several parts (chapters, titles) to a single target

       --preserve, -p
              Preserve numbering of audio and subtitle streams. If called  without  this  option,
              Vamps  renumbers  the  streams  to  ascending  numbers starting with 1. This option
              disables renumbering so the original stream numbers are kept.

       --ps-size, -S input-bytes
              If the input for Vamps does not come from a file (e.g. a pipe),  the  size  of  the
              full input program stream *MUST* be supplied in the command line. Size is in bytes.


       This manual page was written by Claudio Moratti <> for the Debian system (but
       may be used by others).  It was slightly modified by  Rogerio  Brito  <>.
       This document is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 and