Provided by: virtualbox_4.1.12-dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       vboxwebsrv - x86 virtualization solution


       vboxwebsrv [options]


       Oracle  VM  VirtualBox  web  service  version  (C) 2005-2011 Oracle Corporation All rights

       Supported options (default values in brackets): --help,  -h:             Print  this  help
       message  and  exit.   --background, -b:      Run in background (daemon mode).  --host, -H:
       The host to bind to (localhost).  --port, -p:            The  port  to  bind  to  (18083).
       --timeout,   -t:           Session  timeout  in  seconds;  0  =  disable  timeouts  (300).
       --check-interval, -i:  Frequency  of  timeout  checks  in  seconds  (5).   --threads,  -T:
       Maximum number of worker threads to run in parallel (100).  --keepalive, -k:       Maximum
       number of requests before a socket  will  be  closed  (100).   --verbose,  -v:          Be
       verbose.  --pidfile, -P:         Name of the PID file which is created when the daemon was
       started.  --logfile, -F:         Name of file to write log to (no file).