Provided by: vcftools_0.1.7-1_amd64 bug


       vcf-annotate - annotate VCF file, add filters or custom annotations


       cat in.vcf | vcf-annotate [OPTIONS] > out.vcf


       About:  Annotates  VCF  file, adding filters or custom annotations. Requires tabix indexed
       file with annotations.

              Currently annotates only the INFO column, but it will be extended on demand.


       -a, --annotations <file.gz>
              The tabix indexed file with the annotations: CHR\tFROM[\tTO][\tVALUE]+.

       -c, --columns <list>
              The list of columns in the annotation file, e.g.  CHROM,FROM,TO,-,INFO/STR,INFO/GN.
              The  dash  in this example indicates that the third column should be ignored. If TO
              is not present, it is assumed that TO equals to FROM.

       -d, --description <file|string>
              Header  annotation,  e.g.   key=INFO,ID=HM2,Number=0,Type=Flag,Description='HapMap2
              membership'.  The descriptions can be read from a file, one annotation per line.

       -f, --filter <list>
              Apply filters, list is in the format flt1=value/flt2/flt3=value/etc.

       -h, -?, --help
              This help message.

       +      Apply all filters with default values (can be overridden, see the example below).

       -X     Exclude the filter X

       1, StrandBias
              FLOAT                    Min P-value for strand bias (given PV4) [0.0001]

       2, BaseQualBias
              FLOAT                  Min P-value for baseQ bias [1e-100]

       3, MapQualBias
              FLOAT                   Min P-value for mapQ bias [0]

       4, EndDistBias
              FLOAT                   Min P-value for end distance bias [0.0001]

       a, MinAB
              INT                           Minimum number of alternate bases [2]

       c, SnpCluster
              INT1,INT2                 Filters  clusters  of 'INT1' or more SNPs within a run of
              'INT2' bases []

       D, MaxDP
              INT                           Maximum read depth [10000000]

       d, MinDP
              INT                           Minimum read depth [2]

       q, MinMQ
              INT                           Minimum RMS mapping quality for SNPs [10]

       Q, Qual
              INT                            Minimum value of the QUAL field [10]

       r, RefN
              Reference base is N []

       W, GapWin
              INT                          Window size for filtering adjacent gaps [10]

       w, SnpGap
              INT                          SNP within INT bp around a gap to be filtered [10]

              zcat in.vcf.gz | vcf-annotate -a annotations.gz  -d  descriptions.txt  |  bgzip  -c
              >out.vcf.gz   zcat   in.vcf.gz   |   vcf-annotate   -f   +/-a/c=3,10/q=3/d=5/-D  -a
              annotations.gz -d descriptions.txt | bgzip -c >out.vcf.gz

   Where descriptions.txt contains:
              key=INFO,ID=GN,Number=1,Type=String,Description='Gene                         Name'